New Hatches Livery and Rehabilitation Centre is proud to offer Livery, Rehabilitation, Fitness Training, Convalescence and Preventative Treatments at affordable prices from a Professional and Caring Team in a purpose built environment.



We can offer the following facilities:-

  • Cold Salt water treadmill and cold salt water spa combination
  • Dry Treadmill    Vibrating floor incorporating a Weigh Bridge
  • Solarium   Convalescence & post operative care
  • Box Rest   Fitness programmes
  • Holiday care   Individual Exercise programmes
  • Rest bite care   Indoor horse walker
  • Controlled turnout   Long reining/ lunging/ ridden work
  • Emergency cases  Private off road hacking
  • On site Farrier    24/7 supervision
  • The salt water chilled treadmill is the most sophisticated controlled , low concussive, supervised exercise for the horse whether it be as part of an exercise regime or rehabilitation programme it caters for all requirements. The support yet resistance of the water allows the horse to exercise freely allow the body to build and repair strong tendons/ligaments and muscle tone whilst benefitting the cardiovascular system at the same time.
  • The SPA facility acts as a healing and therapeutic process for inflammation, heat or pain recognised in tendons / ligaments injuries, joint/ arthritic problems, laminitis, sore shins, cuts wounds and general swelling/ stiffness where cold salt water therapy is a benefit.

    Vibrating Floor is used for training, rehabilitation, maintenance and injury prevention. The system enhances recovery time for various soft tissue, bone and hoof problems and also helps prevent colic.

    Weigh Bridge helps monitor your horses weight to establish correct feed regime and accurate dosage for worming and other medications prescribed by your vet.

    We can help with insurance claims where many will allow a certain percentage of rehab treatment recommended by your vet as part of your insurance package.

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    Mobiles:         Bronny 07776 205 2050            Hatty   07904 582703

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